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  1. TP76 Tack Plate 76mm

    TP76 Tack Plate 76mm


    Tack plate 76mm wide for use with k300 tack and pull clamp Learn More
  2. TP38 Tack plate 38mm

    TP38 Tack plate 38mm


    38mm width for use with K300 tack and pull for quick weld and pull repair Learn More
  3. TB96 Tool Board

    TB96 Tool Board


    Tool board 580x890 works with Car O Liner hooks No hooks are included Learn More
  4. P222 pull ring

    P222 pull ring


    This is a replacment pull ring for k222 unviversal clamp Learn More
  5. P213  pull ring

    P213 pull ring


    pull ring for all clamps except k222 Learn More
  6. K301 360 degree I Bolt Puller

    K301 360 degree I Bolt Puller


    4 Ton capacity base size 45x45mm bolt size 4 mm to 16 mm any angle pull Learn More
  7. K300 Tack And Pull

    K300 Tack And Pull


    Weld or Braze plate on and easily pull section out Learn More
  8. K231 Pulling Sling

    K231 Pulling Sling


    6 Ton 0.75 Meter 75 mm wide Pulling sling Wrap around any section and pull. Good for pillars, rails, support swing arms ect. Learn More
  9. K228 Hinge Bender

    K228 Hinge Bender


    Alignes bend hinges. Learn More
  10. K227 Med Slide Hammer

    K227 Med Slide Hammer


    Medium size slide hammer no viberation easy slide. Learn More
  11. K226P Pull Ring

    K226P Pull Ring


    Pull Ring for K226 Smart Clamp Learn More
  12. K226 Smart Clamp

    K226 Smart Clamp


    3 way pulling light and strong very handy. Learn More
  13. K225 Floor Hook

    K225 Floor Hook


    For holding on floor racks or pulling on cars. Learn More
  14. K224B 8mm Chain and Hook

    K224B 8mm Chain and Hook


    G70 chain and hook 8mm 3m Learn More
  15. K224 10mm Chain and Hook

    K224 10mm Chain and Hook


    G70 10mm 2.5m chain and hook. Learn More
  16. K223 Floor Pot

    K223 Floor Pot


    Rotating floor anchor point 10 mm chain. Learn More
  17. K222 Universal Clamp

    K222 Universal Clamp


    Thin nose design straight and parallel pulling even in narrow channels. Learn More
  18. K221 Pinch Clamp

    K221 Pinch Clamp


    Narrow pulling mouth good for chassis rails. Learn More
  19. K220 Half Curved Clamp

    K220 Half Curved Clamp


    Self tightening slim design good for folded spotwelded edges Learn More
  20. K218 Curved Clamp

    K218 Curved Clamp


    Good clearance for reaching over a lip. Learn More
  21. K217 Strut Tower Puller

    K217 Strut Tower Puller

    Regular Price: A$400.00

    Price: A$380.00

    Easily realign struit towers without removing the strut. Learn More
  22. K216 Slide Hammer

    K216 Slide Hammer


    Largest available on the market 11Kg weight. Learn More
  23. K215 Chain Lock

    K215 Chain Lock


    A chain shortener that will not fall of the chain Learn More
  24. K214 Wedge Clamp

    K214 Wedge Clamp


    Parallel pulling clamp or car securing clamp Learn More
  25. K213 Flat Clamp

    K213 Flat Clamp


    Features a Very thin nose and high capacity self tightening Learn More
  26. K212 Two Way Puller

    K212 Two Way Puller


    2 way pulling very universal high capacity. Learn More
  27. Maxi Clamp

    K211 Maxi Clamp


    Self tightening very strong with good clearnce Learn More

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